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3 min readJun 1, 2020

In this week’s up and coming podcast, I interviewed Amaranatho a former Buddhist Monk turned life coach and he offered me, some powerful advice: Take a Pause.

Take a Pause, repeat it three times and let it sink in. The pre-corona world had us constantly travelling in fifth gear we almost forgot ourselves. When I wrote my thesis this societal need was pushed by energy drink companies. The need to be at our peak at all times, we needed to have a career, a side hustle, a looming deadline. Fast food, fast internet speed, next day delivery, fast results.

With the world in recovery mode, we falsely assumed that the pandemic will be over in a matter of weeks, only because our pre-built confirmation biases have us programmed to believe it would. You know exactly like in the movies and there will be a cure found quickly and followed by a vaccine. These are all human constructs, we are all hostage to nature’s laws and nature’s timeline. The natural world it seems has no regard for human deadlines and we as a species, should listen to the Tame Impala song and just “let it happen”.

Nevertheless, people are suffering and my full sympathy goes out to our brothers and sisters, who have been infected or affected by the virus. For the rest of humanity, these past 2 months have been a gift. A gift of reflection, to take life down a gear or two. We don’t need to travel in the fast lane, it is ok to have a rest, it is ok to procrastinate, it is okay to feel drained. It is okay to fine-tune parts of your life that is not working.

If we in recovery mode place sustainability at the top of our mindset. To place less emphasis on commuting and been physically present in offices and meetings. If we learn to work smarter not harder and spend more time with friends and family. Would that be better than how life once was only a year ago?

So take the time wisely, the future has no script and there is no such thing as fate. Tomorrow is what we make it today. We are all survivors and we can build a better tomorrow. It is up to all of us from a grassroots bottom-up approach to make it happen. For those who are considering entrepreneurship now is the time to think laterally to solve the world’s distribution problems, as society is getting rebuilt.

Viva la revolution!

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